Who are we ?

A group of young people living in Palestine Gaza, our dreams and aspirations are not so different from others around the world. We dream of a job that helps us form a family, live safely and be productive people in our communities but those dreams are dissipated as soon as we confront our reality, the reality of war and occupation..

The team behind the project in Gaza

We are 6 members working together to bring this project to life because we believe in ourskills and strive for a better future in Gaza.

Alaa Mounifi

Student of English language literature – translator of our team

Salim Aleaydy

Designer, Professional painter and Glass blower

Carolina Mohammed

Creative artist, Painter and Mandela designer

Eid salim

Graphic designer and Photoshop

Fadi Teym

Works with Antiques and Gift maker

Khaled Abu Manifa

Human rights activist and Law student at the Islamic University of Gaza